Leidsche Rijn College naar Praag

Op 25 en 26 mei bezochten leerlingen van het Leidsche Rijn College uit Utrecht de GLOBE Student Conference in Praag. 

Lees hieronder hun verslag in het Engels.

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Our visit to Prague was an incredible opportunity for us to develop our presentation skills and take a school project to a whole new level, by presenting internationally. 

The trip started with a 15-hour bus trip, after which we checked in to our accommodation. Some went straight to bed, while others did some prepping for the presentations we were having the next day. Later that day we presented the presentation to each other, to be prepared for the presentation.

The day of the presentation we took a couple of e-scooters, the poster and other material to aid with the presentation, and we made our way to the university where we were presenting the poster. There was a bit of a language barrier, but that was accounted for through the presence of a translator, who translated Czech to English via earpieces we were given at the start of the conference. The presentation went smoothly, and there were a lot of people whose interests we had piqued with our field work and research thereof using the fairly new particulate matter sensors we were allowed to use for our research. The day itself also went by comfortably, the lunch break was well-organized and healthy, and there were plenty of available snacks (apples, peaches, etc.) to satisfy any other hunger we had that day. At the end of the conference there was a joint closure where schools were given a certificate and were applauded for their research. 

The next day we attended a workshop in the botanical gardens, where we learnt about indicators of the health of plants and differences between leaves from the same tree from different heights, and experimented with the roots of corn and dye: half of the roots were placed in red dye, and the other half in blue dye. The roots absorbed the dye but the different dyes didn’t mix inside the plant. Then we were given a tour of the botanical gardens, where we saw the carnivorous, grafted or conventional plants inside the greenhouse.

The last day of our visit to Prague we experienced the culture, saw the sights and took the chance to enjoy the characteristically Czech things, such as ice cream in fried dough cones and a ghost tour of Prague, where we learnt a lot about historical events and places in Prague, and learnt the Czech word for “help!”: “pomoz!” 

We left Prague with smiles on our faces, tips for future presentations and great memories of the experience in general, and we recommend others of our age to go to Prague (it is a beautiful city), and to not miss these kinds of opportunities to present your work elsewhere. It really is amazing!

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