GLOBE Science Fair

12 june 2020

GLOBE Science Fair

At the annual GLOBE Science Fair students present the results of their environmental GLOBE research to a scientific jury and to their peer students.

Date: June 12th, 2020 (10:30-16:00)
Location: Wageningen University

For whom?

  • The Science Fair is for students of all secondary schools (tto, international and regular). The working language is English.
  • Each school is allowed to send 1 team (minimum 3, maximum 5 students) level H/V 4/5 (or equivalent) and 1 or 2 accompanying teachers to the Science Fair. Preferably, the school stimulates several teams to conduct research, of which one team is chosen to represent the school. Our rubrics can provide guidance.

The winning team of the Science Fair 2019, Isendoorn College

Programme Science Fair June 12th, 2020

09:00 setting up of the stands
10:30 opening
11:15 presentations by students at their stand
12:45 lunch and tour of the campus
14:00 GLOBE games (fun and educational activity)
15:15 award ceremony
16:00 end

Presentations at the stand

Students present their results at the Science Fair to the jury, students and teachers of other schools in a stand.

Students of Dalton Den Haag present their research during the Science Fair in 2016

What do we expect of participating schools?

  • You will mentor one or more teams in doing an empirical research project using one or more GLOBE protocols. A team consists of maximally five students. Per school one team is allowed to partake in the GLOBE Science Fair. If you have several eligible teams, it is up to you to decide who will represent your school. A suggestion for selecting the most suitable team would be to organise a Science Fair at your school. Our rubrics can help with the assessment process.
  • You ensure the teams upload their research data on the international GLOBE website, in order to make it available for scientists and schools worldwide.
  • You supervise your students in writing a research report that they will upload on the GLOBE website.
  • You accompany your team to the GLOBE Science Fair. Per team 1 or 2 teachers are allowed to be present.

What do we offer?

  • Optional start-up meeting. In this meeting we will explain all the details of the Science Fair. It is interesting for new schools, but also for experienced schools to exchange experiences.
    Note: once you have registered your students can start with their research. There is no need to wait for the start-up meeting. This is only optional.
    Location: De Heerenlanden, Eksterstraat 48, Leerdam
    Date: January 20th 2020 | 15:00 – 17:00
  • Help desk. You can call or mail us for all your questions.
  • Coaching and support. We will pro actively ask for your progress to keep you on the right track and help you to resolve any questions.
  • Science Fair June 12th 2020 (max 5 students and max 2 students). Including: scientific jury, full catering, games, 3 prizes for winning teams, gadgets, certificate for every participating student.

GLOBE and tto

The Science Fair is interesting for all secondary schools. For tto schools GLOBE offers many opportunities for both EIO and CLIL. The programme can be used, either with or without the Science Fair, for various teaching purposes (e.g. content or scientific skills) in sciences classes of tto education.
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Participation costs €250,-

If your school is not yet a member of GLOBE, this price includes an evaluation GLOBE membership for one school year.
Use this link to check if your school is a member of the GLOBE programme.

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