GLOBE Science Fair
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The GLOBE Science Fair

Every year we organize the GLOBE Science Fair where students present their research findings! On this page you find the information on how to participate in the Science Fair. 

  • When?: June 9th 2023
  • Who? Every GLOBE school can send 1 (or max 3) team(s) of 3 to 5 students (level H/V 3/4/5).
  • How? Make sure your teacher registers.
    • Have you already done a GLOBE research project? Discuss with you teacher whether this meets the criteria
    • Are you looking for a GLOBE research project? Follow the steps of the research cycle below.
  • Why? It is great to be able to show your research to scientists and other students & you can win an award. 
  • Where? Wageningen University & Research

Information video

If anything is unclear or you have questions, don’t hesitate and send a mail to [email protected]

Science Fair Awards


3 goblet awards

  1. Jury award (awarded by scientific jury)
  2. Public award (you will rate your fellow students)
  3. GLOBE Bee Game award (an outdoor activity)

Microplastics award

The 3 teams with the best microplastics research project will get a trip to Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen for a:
  • special “behind the scenes” tour
  • meeting with a scientist specialized in microplastic and seals
  • beach clean up activity

The winning team can even take their entire class with them and will go on an additional boat trip on the Waddenzee.